The important link of facts & News

Its amazing how over the centuries and time media and news changed, from reading a single newspaper or text to television and internet. A little over a decade ago, when someone needed to know about what’s going on in the world, or even local news, one would have to go to the nearest store that carry’s newspaper or subscribe to a local daily paper and wait. Now a days everyone including old and young can get their news and more within a tough of a button, at the speed of light . It seems as if the end of newspaper and physical virtue of such things is going to end sooner or later. The interesting part is that corporation, businesses and company would have to develop as well, even including PR.

It seems that it’s best for companies such as newspaper developers and marketing magazine to develop and advance into the social media platform. At least shift the business towards the internet, that way there is at least chances for a long business life and a better target market. We see only the big companies and newspapers/ magazine now a day that have done that now, for example the magazine TIME have done exactly that, it has become a platform and a new covering site like CNN.

Many of the big new cast and newspaper magazines have made the switch to public media, such as USA today. Many of public media now a days tend to play “the devils advocate”, therefore PR have to know the actual facts rather than just “getting the story” unlike the reporters. Many people now a day get their news source on social media as well such as Facebook, what more compatible is you are able to share the news source or even share what you read. This feature of sharing could be a bad one or a good one . Acceding to a recent study the WashingtonPost article states  “A recent study showed that 70% of people actually never read more than the headline of a science article before commenting and sharing. Most simply see a headline they like and click share and make a comment” (S.P. Team, 2016).


It’s seen as a benefit to both side, the social media sites and the public media news sites. Especially after people and individuals are able to share whatever they chose on their profile. This would make the job of public relation professional harder since they need to be more accurate on what they news sites are writing about, especially since more people now are on social media. Playing the “devil’s advocate role” and developing fake stories can now get companies and new station into trouble since many and any person can read the articles on the internet.


Reference  :

Team, S. (2016, March 04). Study: 70% of Facebook users only read the headline of science stories before commenting. Retrieved April 02, 2017, from


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